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Privileged Club Guest 


The Mines Resort & Golf Club, a luxurious and exclusive club, has always pride itself in bringing the absolute best to its members and privileged club guests, whether it be pristine course conditions, immaculate club facilities or international events that attract the best of the best, such as Tiger Woods, not once but twice!
To maintain its exclusivity with only 200 members, we are now proud to extend a programme called the Mines Privileged Club Guests, to all our members and member’s guests.
This program is limited to 2000 slots.
This initiative entitles the Privileged Club Guest to participate in the Mines Golf Points and Reward programme via our App-based account — MinesGolf2U. The rewards include: additional percentage of cash rewards for all cash deposited and, to experience travelling on our private jet to designated golf destinations in Southeast Asia.

Limited Enrollment Slots

Don't miss this opportunity

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MINES Privileged Club Guest

Exclusive Enrollment

Minimum deposit starting from RM10,000 (10,000 Mines Golf Point)

Privileges and Benefits

  • Additional Reward Mines Golf Points.

  • Enjoy the Mines Golf Club's award-winning PGA.

  • Championship Golf Course throughout the week.

  • Valid for 363 days only.

  • Participate in all Clubs' golfing and social events.

MINES Golf Point

The MORE you deposit, the MORE you earn!

With a minimum deposit of RM10,000 you are entitled to become a Privileged Club Guest and automatically be granted additional cash reward points on your eWallet. 


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